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Post  Brenda Witherspoon on Tue Jan 25, 2011 1:52 am

Hey there,

My name is Brenda and I was born and raised in California. While I spent much of my life in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in rural Northern California, I also lived in the metropolis of Los Angeles.

I absolutely loved it! The people are amazing and the weather is beautiful. It really is no wonder why so many spiritual teachers live in Southern California. One of my favorite places is the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in the Pacific Palisades. Founded by Parmahansa Yoganada this spiritual temple is truly one of a kind; The energy is amazing and if you are ever down that way do yourself a favor and stop by.

I thought I would live in LA for the rest of my life but then I was given an opportunity to have real love, and I took it! I came to Saskatchewan to be with my love. He is an RCMP officer with 17 years in service and we live on an acreage outside Broadview. We spent 3 years communicating long distance, but only met in person 3 times before deciding to see if our relationship could work close range. It did, and still does.

I live my life by spirit. Every major decision is made through guidance from spirit and I find the more I allow that process to happen, the greater joy I have in my life. So far it has brought me real love, a fascinating job, and loving friends.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and also the President of Care From The Core. My life is dedicated to helping people heal and raising my psychic awareness is just the next step along my life path to fulfill my soul's purpose.

I look forward to learning with you, and from you.

Blessed be your work,

Brenda Witherspoon
Brenda Witherspoon

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Introduce Yourself! Empty Greetings I am Bryan Hood

Post  Bryan Hood on Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:26 am

I was born and raised here in Regina Saskatchewan. At the time I think my family (mother, father and 1 younger brother) was a bit unique for the times as I had an Atheist father and a Roman Catholic mother.
Living in this dual perspective family gave me a challenge and the benefits of both perspectives.
I spent my growing years (and still continue into adult hood) being forced to deal with perceptions from the abstract world we refer to as the spirit world. As a child I always had the sense there was more to life then just the limited physical expres​sion(we are more familiar with) but at the time did not know what it was.

My days in kindergarten and elementary school levels were almost full days of frustration not able to fully comprehend some teachers, dogging bullies and bleed through from psychic levels. Being so different my brain and mind did not work like other kids so the methods of teaching back then did a disservice.

At around grade 5 or 6 or so I started in remedial tottering. This was more fun then the main stream. When the regular class started for specific topics I got to leave and go to my special group (I think there were 6 or 7 of us). It was also more fun to be at and it did not hurt that we had such a hot teacher. Yes at that age I had the passions and was also (at times) attempting to try to deal with fragments of an adult consciousness forcing them selves into my limited child mind, life and experience.

Difficulty in school resulted in 2 to 3 hours of home work every night. I recall many times saying (and thinking) school really makes you stupid and if I did not have to go I would develop better. Not able to function like the main stream I had to enter high school in the general education program focusing more on shop (skill set) then academic.

The only times when I found some kind of solace was when the family went camping to British Columbia. In nature I was able to get almost fully away from everything. Back then there was not as much smog and being amongst those old growing trees (with the increased oxygen and life force flowing through them) I think helped me more then I was aware of at the time.

Even today when winter arrives I find I get the SAD (seasonal affected disorder). Now as an adult (with a wider spiritual understanding) I have been able to recognize that the absence of the living vibrancy of nature around me does register within our energetic systems. So if you suffer from SAD (winter blaws) you are not alone. The less light has an effect but I think it is more the absence of living nature energy that brings it on. Increasing self care, self nurturance and things that support us physically and energetically until spring arrives helps a lot.

Wow I am kind of rambling so I will try to sum up things as quickly as I can.

My spiritual journey really consciously took of when I had 8 days of intense psychic and paranormal experiences. It started several years ago when I needed to know exactly who or what God was (and was willing to give up my life for the answer). My religion said one thing and dad had a different perspective. I also had that sense there was more to life but not sure what it was. This one simple question to know who or what God was or even if it existed reset the course of my life.

I will spare you all the details of what happened here as it is a full books worth. (If you are interested there is a loaning copy at Care From The Core in Regina Sk.). My first published book (the first journey I had) is called A Moment With Eternity ( ) and contains (most) of the experiences I had during the 8 days and there explanations. It also has some exercises people can do to assist their journey).

After the 8 days of intense experiences I then set out to find out just what it was that I went through. That journey still continues today with just a few things still unanswered.

Seeking answers lead me to countless books, programs and courses.
Besides the books I have had, I have had training in multiple things like (but not limited to) -
Reiki (1, 2, half of master trainer)
Healing Touch
Therapeutic Touch
Intuitive energy work
Hawaiian Huna
Ericksonian Hypnosis
Learning to Chanel
Meditation programs (Regular, Vipassana, Samatha)
Crystal healing
Remote viewing
Medium ship
Transpersonal psychology
Self hypnosis

Personal sessions I have taken to further develop myself also include -
Holotropic breathwork
Sound healing (Crystal bowls)
Crystal and gem stone healing
Holotropic breathwork
On going psy development

In the past I have run my own meditation classes and have done private psychic development couching, some readings (that included both psychic info and medium ship that I need to get back into).

I still have an interest in the humans potential and the world of the paranormal. With all I know, have learned and been through over the years I find times where it may still scare the shi* out of me. Thankfully these times are now not as often.

Right now I am working on several things (besides all the regular 3rd dimension life stuff). The main ones are to assist humanity at its combined unconscious levels with it’s transformation. Helping the big guys upstairs ready things for humanities next quantum leap. Working to comprehend and understand every aspect of my Human-Being self and it’s totality (includes both the human and the being aspects). I think I will stop here.

Until next time our paths cross be in peace,
Bryan Hood

P.s. I thought of something else to add. I also have an online development program at if anyone is interested.

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Bryan Hood
Bryan Hood

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