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An Evening With Bryan and Friends Empty An Evening With Bryan and Friends

Post  Bryan Hood on Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:38 am

Greetings all. If you missed my email I sent out about my weekly evening practice sessions you possibly could join here it is again.

I have set up a psychic/medium practice evening for myself starting on Sunday February 20, 2011 with readings starting between 7:15pm – 7:30pm in the purple (meditation) room at CFTC. On these evenings I will be available to the general public for me to practice psychic/mediumship readings with. There is no charge to the atendies as in exchange for a potential reading they should anticipate to stay for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

Here is where you can benefit. I am offering you the opportunity to practice your psychic and or mediumship skills at the same time during my evening sessions.

In the past I have held 2 of these kinds of public sessions for myself and found them very productive. Both for me as the practitioner (I really was able to observe how I receive and process information and started to build a library of associated experiences/perceptions I got with what they meant in relation to a sitter) and the sitters got value as well.

If you want to get some practice under your belt you are welcome to join me Sunday nights. I am calling the evening, “An Evening With Bryan and Friends”. When you arrive come find me and let me know you are there and would like to get in some practice.

In the past I have only done these kinds of evenings by my self so doing it as a group is new for me. The format for a group evening (below) I created has been based on what I psychically feel/sense/perceive would be best to start with. I am open to suggestions to consider for making it go smoother once we have done a couple first.

If anyone joins me (to get some practice) this is how I will conduct the evening. For now the evenings (as a practitioner) are open only to those that have completed Barb Powell’s development classes or have done my development and meditation classes.

If you want to practice doing readings please show up early. I have the room starting at 7pm so if you can be there for 7, so much the better. I was going to try to start readings about 7:15 or so. If you do come to practice you will be expected to pitch in to help with any set up or clean up after.

It is important to be early (before sessions start) so we can have a quick meeting before hand. At the meeting I will give you a clothing safe name tag to ware (that you will return to me after the evening is done, along with any donations you received. More on donations latter). We will address any questions you may have and assign a readings area.

If you want to practice but will be late once (or maybe twice, but not consistently) you need to let a fellow attending practitioner who will be there (or me 569-3542) know so we can have a space ready for you when you arrive. (If you are constantly late you will be asked to please find a different venue. This may seem harsh but we need to be fair to the public and the on time practitioners.)

When the evening starts I will address all of the public in attendance for that evening.
The topics will cover several things.
- A sentence letting people know my name and that I will be heading up the evening.
- The evening is free of charge in exchange for there time but if they find value with what they receive a donation will be accepted and can be given to any of the practitioners with a name tag.
- They can go to as many different practitioners as they would like that evening, as time permits.
- Locations of washrooms.
- Let them know about the time announcement near the ending of the evening. So if they have already had a reading done to let someone that has not gone yet go next.
- Invite to come back.
- A request to let other people know about the evenings and to bring friends that may be interested the next time they drop by.
- If there are any clients of a specific practitioner and there session that evening is an office reading, they need to pay that practitioner directly and be sure to remind them it was a business reading (you the practitioner will need to keep your client money separate from donations you may receive).
- A reminder to be patient with the readers as we are still developing our skills.
- To take what is said as information to consider and to not make big life changing decisions solely on what may be shared that evening.

After the address each practitioner attending (you) will be given an opportunity to say something about your self and what you psychically do (your specialty if you are aware of it yet). This will assist the public to decide who to be with first.

After our introductions I then will address some general questions from attendees not specific to their reason for coming.

Then we (practitioners) will disperse to our different locations in the room and the public will gather around those individuals they are drawn to first. You then will proceed with your readings for those who are sitting for you. How you start your readings will show itself once you start into it. You may find your attention suddenly goes to or is drawn toward the first person to read or you could simply have someone volunteer to go first.

In the past when I did a group I would be drawn to a person and had times when I was doing everyone at the same time. Some times I found my focus narrowed and I was then addressing 1 person with information specifically not for them but there friend who did not come. Think what may be easiest and most comfortable for you and start with that. How you do your readings now can change from how you will be doing them in the future so try not to think it has to be the exact same way every time. Again find what’s comfortable and start with that.

Also I do not want you to limit your self so if you do cards (or want to practice with cards) bring them (please no satanic decks). If you are using a pendulum bring it and work with it. The more variety between practitioners will help keep the public more involved and interested. (Because of potential space constraints I was not planning to set up tables, just chairs. So if you will be doing cards or something else that needs a flat surface to work on please bring a tv table or smaller card table for your self to work on.

The public will be allowed to be milling around between readers (if they choose) as we are doing readings so this can help us with our focusing and the most beneficial space and energy to be in.

Nearing the end of the evening (about 30 minutes before close) a time announcement of some kind will be made that the evening will be coming to a close and if anyone that has had a reading already to please let those who have not yet received a reading go before them.

At the time of writing this post (February 2011) this opportunity to join “An Evening With Bryan and Friends” and participate as a developing intuitive practitioner is only available to attendees of Barb Powell’s or my own training programs. Perhaps in the future I may open it up to others but for now sorry.

After the evening is closed and all the public has left we will do a short debriefing and address any questions you may have. You will then hand me back your name tag and all donations you may have received.

From all the donations received that evening I will first keep $5.00 for each practitioner that read (unless the majority of the group decides on a higher amount). The rest of the donations left over (if any) will then be divided equally between all practitioners that did readings. I thought long and heard on this and I think this payment structure is fare for all. As practitioners we also need to deal with the beliefs around being spiritual, spiritual service and money. If you do office readings (referenced below) for your clients that come to the evening please make sure to keep that money they pay you separate from any donations you may collect.

After the debriefing meeting we will clear the chairs and do any other clean up needed.

Please Note: If you are a practitioner of any of the dark arts these evenings are not for you. If I hear of, sense or see anyone doing any of these you will be asked to leave immediately and will be banned from any and all future events of mine who’s specific focus is not specifically the dark side. The dark arts have there place and learning lessons associated with them and these evenings are definitely not that.

Besides developing our skills these evenings are also an opportunity to get your private practice going and filled (if that is the direction you want to go). You can also bring business cards or brochures of your services or products you may have that you can make available to the public. I just do not want hard selling or turning the evening into a pitch fest. I am extending the opportunity for you to practice your psychic and or mediumship skills so this I hope you would keep as your main focus.

Office readings: If you are having your clientele come to my evenings for there business (office) readings with you I would appreciate one quarter of your reading fee from each client you read. Again I think this is fare. At this stage I do not see having current (or new) clients coming to the evenings for there office readings as a problem. But I sense in the future I need to set the clarification of expectations/guidelines now before we arrive at that point in the future. Having our clients at the evening may allow them to also possibly go to other practicing readers for more or other information if they choose to.

Please be aware of your clients needs before inviting them to the evening for there personal reading. The reading space is wide open with other people sitting beside them hearing what may be shared. At the evening if you find you are doing more readings for your clients then the general public please come talk to me. We will discuss it so we can find a resolution beneficial to you, me, your clients and the attending public.

As for how many people show up the first few nights I am not sure. My hopes keep blocking my subtle sense of numbers so I cam not pin down a number at this point for you. I will be adding the evening to the CFTC e-newsletter but do not expect a lot of people at first until the evening gets known more publically. So if you are coming to practice bring something (or a topic to discuss) that we can use to practice with on each other when there is no public clients.

I think this covers it all. If you need to contact me you can call during the day times between 10:00am to 5:00pm at 306-569-3542 (my home number).

I hope to see you Sundays,
Bryan Hood

If you have other questions not covered here you can post a reply or private message and ask away.
Bryan Hood
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