Looking for advice regarding the pain radiating from another....

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Looking for advice regarding the pain radiating from another.... Empty Looking for advice regarding the pain radiating from another....

Post  crystalee on Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:37 am

Hi! I am an Empath and currently learning to read the Akashic Records and while in my own Akashic Records have been shown my own emotional resistances and have been feeling my stuffed emotions impeding my abilities, somewhat.  I have always been an empath and my personal gifts grow stronger every day as I lift my emotional baggage, per say, through being shown, physically, what I need to clear to enable me to help others.  My question is this: I met a young girl today, 26 yrs old, who my best friend is renting a room to as of today.  When meeting her, I felt such an emormous amount of pain empathically it was extremely overwhelming to me.  There is a darkness about her--my first sense is almost as if she is "haunted" by something, my initial gut felt almost like a darkness latched on to her??? I don't recall feeling so much pain from a person as I do her.  I also intuitively sense she is extremely intuitive herself; yet, fears her gifts due to living behind a fear filter.  The amount of pain I intuitively felt from her is so incredible that it has stuck with me tremendously.  She is lost and needs help. When I asked her if I could share what I was feeling from her, she cried and confirmed all of what I sensed. Gosh, I feel her to be so unstable, yet has no where to turn for emotional and intuitive guidance and I feel she wants help bad at the same time. What would you do in this situation? I am learning to channel my abilities without showing "pity" if that makes sense. Not to feel sorry for her, yet, I sense she really needs help through her extreme pain that I feel has consumed her. I just am having a hard time shaking what I felt from her the second I met her. I usually physically shake my body before entering my house (when I remember, I am honing still) yet, I am troubled by what I felt from her. ANy suggestions are gladly and deeply welcomed. Thank-you,

~Crysta Lee


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