Enhancing Your Intuition: 10-Week Course

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Enhancing Your Intuition: 10-Week Course Empty Enhancing Your Intuition: 10-Week Course

Post  Brenda Witherspoon on Tue Jan 25, 2011 1:09 am

Hi all,

I recently signed up for this course and thought you may be interested too...

Link to course; http://www.vanpraagh.com/doc/course1

This incredible ten-week online course is specifically designed to assist you in
expanding your awareness, enhancing your intuition, and learning to
connect with the spirit of both departed loved ones and other helpful
energetic guides.

As part of the online course, each week you will receive an email with access to:

  • An audio recording from James.

  • A written lesson on a variety of topics.

  • An activity, designed to assist you in experiencing the lesson in a practical way.

  • An on-line journal to keep track of your progress as well as document your experience of enhancing your intuition.

Topics included in "Enhancing Your Intuition" are:

  • Understanding all six of your senses.

  • Learning to utilize your intuition.

  • Enhancing and understanding your aura.

  • Interpreting signals from spirit.

  • Connecting with deceased loved ones.

  • Getting in touch with your spirit guides.

  • Understanding psychic protection.
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